Paparazzi Parade 8 - 18 Aug 2017


Hello! I’m a 23 y/o Aussie girl from Brisbane. This is my first solo trip to Europe and I wanted to meet and greet some people prior to the adventure! I’ll be flying directly to Split, Croatia, so if anyone is heading to the airport after the tour, I would love to have a buddy to split the cab fare with :slight_smile:


Hey Bronte, I have just booked this tour! Woo! I am also 23, and will be travelling from Sydney. Same as you, this is also my first time to Europe solo! Looking forward to hopefully hearing from you!


Hi Isabella,

Sorry I must have missed the notification. How exciting! Are you doing any other tours?



Hey Bronte,

Very exciting! Only this one, but will be doing some solo travelling before and after.
How about yourself?



Hey Izzy,

I’m heading to Croatia to do a Sail tour after so it should be fun! Anything planned or are you just going to see where it takes you?

Any chance you know what the weather will be like in the Swiss Alps? I can’t tell if it’s cold or warm there! :confused:



Hey Bronte,

I am so sorry for the delayed reply!

Oh that sounds incredible!
I’m just spending a couple of extra days either side of the tour.

I actually have no idea haha. From what I have heard, it’s kinda like out autumn, but I’m going to look into.

When do you arrive in Barcelona?