Pampalona 2011


Hi everyone,

I’m going on the 5 day Pampalona Camping from 5th - 9th July 2011 & would love to hear from anyone else who will also be there. It will be a blast.

Also, I’m really struggling to find any reasonably priced accomodation after the tour - particularly for the 9th. Any suggestions? Where have you found?

Cheers, Gail


Hi Gail

I have no idea about accomodation after running of the bulls, I am just going with the flow. It is going to be mayhem and cant wait, bring on the run!


Hi Gail,

Im going there from the 8th to the 12th and staying in a hostel near the centre of town, (Hotel Castillo De Javier) finding accomodation so late will be hard cause they get snapped up really quick. I booked months ago and even then it was thin pickings.

Best of luck with your search!