Pag island


so one of the places we’re heading to on the europe uncovered trip is to pag island, has one ever been there. im concerned as im not a night clubby sorta person nor a beachy type person but want to experience the best of the best, ive tried looking on sites to to tell me what there is to do and nothing comes up. so can anyone shed some light on what there is to do.


There’s plenty to see and do on the Island of Pag, it’s by no means limited to the party on Zrće although it’s still worth a look even if it’s not your thing. You should head to the southern tip of the island to see the ancient Olive Groves of Lun and there you’ll see the most beautiful part of the Island (in my opinion)

Also you can visit Sirana Gligora for a cheese tasting tour. Sirana Gligora make the island’s unique sheep cheese PaÅ¡ki Sir as well as other cheeses and on the tour you can learn about the fascinating heritage of this special cheese then take a guided tour through the dairy before enjoying the cheeses with local wines and prÅ¡ut. You can buy tickets at the dairy (50 or 60kn) and there will be transfers available from Hotel Loža 100kn (right in the center of Novalja you can’t miss it)