Padlock for hostels



Those of you who have stayed in hostels before, what size/type of padlock would you recommend for hostels that provide individual lockers for backpacks. I just don’t want to bring a padlocks that’s too big if it’s not even going to fit, cos the larger the lock the heavier it is to carry around.




I was wondering the same thing, I bought a padlock last week on Amazon website, but it turned out to be really big and heavy. Especially with the size limit, i dont want to bring anything heavy!


hey guys

i bought the normal travel locks from the standard bag shops, but i bought the combination ones NOT ones with keys. They are lightweight and and pretty strong also they will fit 99% of lockers around the place. you really wont need much more than that. every place we stayed in was really safe! the only things is just dont leave stuff lying around that you dont care about. and honestly i used the locker in london, but not in a single other place while on tour! i just made sure my suitcase was locked. you only share with out topdeck people and you need keys or swipe cards to get into the rooms. Not a single person has anything stolen on the whole trip.

any other questions you guys have, just let me know :slight_smile: