I’m having trouble packing how did everyone pack their heavey coat can I have it as an extra on the bus including my backpack
. and how did everyone pack there hair care stuff it weighs so much any help would be great


get small bottles of hair stuff, shower gel, deodorant etc… it will cut down on the weight… avoid putting any books in your case… wear your jacket the morning you depart or keep it with your backpack… anything you don’t need don’t take, don’t forget you can buy stuff everywhere you go!


decided that im buying all shampoos and towels and stuff over there. less weight, and easier to throw away once the trip is over.


it’s not the weight I will take with me that is fine it’s even if i don’t take hair stuff and the like with me it still weight on the bus yeah what do I do I took my coat out and I’m now down to 16kgs so thats a lot better still wouldn’t mind being under 15 kgs though and I have a Kobo ereader so I don’t need books thanks for the advice everyone


Your bags only get weighed at the start of trip… while your encouraged to keep the weight down, once your on the road it doesn’t get checked again.
Just be careful buying shampoo and soap etc in non-english countries… it’s bloody hard trying to work out what’s what! (I ended up buying conditioner when I wanted shower gel! - should have taken more notice in Italian class!)