Packing Recommendations on Tour for the ladies


Hi All,[br][br]This post goes out to the Ladies who have been on Tour and wish they should have packed something, or just couldn’t have lived without, while they were on tour.[br][br]I will be doing the European Emperor tour, and stop offs include Paris, Barcelona, French Riviera and Rome.[br][br]Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ;)[br]


Just got back from Essential Europe…and I had packed pretty much whatever I felt I would need. Didn’t pack a towel as recommended…and didn’t need one. (mind you I did the hotel tour, not camping.) I do wish I had packed some extra soap, as some hotels didn’t provide… keep that in mind! Other than that, leave unnecessary things at home, you can always buy them while you’re there.[br][br]Another note, since most of our bus got sick… bring MEDS! I had a tough time finding anything I recognized and it is not sold over the counter. Ended up getting something called “Rhumeaflu” or something in France… but wish I had brough my own Tylenol Cold & Flu so I knew forsure what was in it.[br][br]Have fun!


Thanks for the reply. I’m also doing a Hotel tour, so thanks for the tip on not packing a tour. I assume, I don’t need to pack a sleeping bag also. How was the Tour? Did you enjoy it. I’m looking forward to mine. It doesn’t start till the 1st October. 8-)[br][br]Will check soap and meds off my list as well. When you say sick, its not hang over sickness, but flu? [br][br]Great tips. Please keep them coming ;D


With the towel, just remember the hotels make a point of letting you know you can’t take their towels out of the hotel. So if you’re planning to swim at the beaches on the French Riviera and Croatia, you might want to take a towel of your own.