Packing light!


I am venturing on my first big big trip. It consists of 2 weeks free travel pre tour and then the spirit of Europe tour with top deck.
My question is… Allowing for souvenirs etc, what are/is the most basic clothing and shoes I could pack. I believe it is coming out of the winter over there when I go. I want to be warm but travel light! Any advice from seasoned travellers would be much appreciated.


I am having the same problem! It is still months until I leave but I am going to be travelling for about 3 months in total - thats gonna be extremely difficult to travel with the 1 bag & also keep within the 20kg weight limit. Thinking about posting excess stuff to my Uncle in England & then gathering it all up when I visit him to ship it back home. Although I have heard sending stuff is really expensive…

I am doing European Pioneer & Britain & Ireland, 24th May & 1st July 2012


I’ve just arrived in London. Packing light was a massive worry for me, but I ended up finding it easy.
I think it’s about packing smart. I didn’t pack any piece of clothing unless I could make two or three outfits from it. Only brought three pairs of shoes. Boots, joggers, slip ons. Ended up with 16kg and more space to buy over here!

Pack. Take half out then repack!


Ashlee that is reassuring! I have the shoes covered its just my clothing… I’m only packing essential toiletries, it’s just my clothing! I feel the cold so I got thermals lol. I think you bring a valued point about making a few outfits out of certain items of clothing. What about space bags? I’ve been warned about them though…

Tracey, I have thought about posting stuff home if it’s not super expensive. It’s probably the only way I’ll be able to buy stuff along the way.

It’s only weight on tour im worried about. My flights are 30kg luggage. So I sure will be loading up after the tour finishes in the days before I fly home lol.

Thanks guys, I appreciate the input :slight_smile:


I was talking to someone yesterday who has just come back from a trip in europe and said take atleast 3 going out outfits everyone dresses up over there even just going out to dinner she said she had jeans and stuff but always felt underdressed when going out at night


Kyremh - I am planning on taking plenty of going ot clothes too. When I did my 1st topdeck tour I only took 1 nice dress & 1 dressy top & felt so awkward wearing the same clothes when we went out every night when everyone else had so many outfit choices.

Kylie - I think thermals will be good. I am going to plan to layer my clothing, eg. leggings rather than jeans which are bulky (& will take ages to dry after washing), & when I have been shopping for clothes, I have been looking for light materials that wont take up lots of weight. I’ll see how that works out for me lol.


Washing is a big factor when I was figuring out what to bring, I know laundry can get very expensive so I tried to make sure everything could go in the same wash and picked fabrics that dry quickly since most of the dryers cost every 15 or 10 minutes. I’m going with mostly leggings and yoga pants and plan on layering for warmth and am going to bring three dresses of varying formality and cute but easy wash tops that can wrinkle and still look okay.


This is something that has been on my mind too, we’re going for 6 weeks (2 weeks on the Winter Wonder tour in Dec 2 2012) and 4 weeks free touring, with Christmas in Ireland and New Years in Edinburgh. I’ve been told not to pack too many toiletries as a lot of places will have shampoo and soap etc there. Would love to hear of other peoples tips and tricks to packing for a European winter :slight_smile: