Packing for the trip?


Hi guys
Im going on the europe uncovered and im really unsure what to take with me, everyone has been telling me its going to be really hot but now i have found out that it is cold in the north…
Any suggestions as to what to take?


Hi Manda,

You’re going at a great time of year - the days will be great and the nights nice as well. You will need a pair of long pants, but I like the zip off pants you can get through Snowgum/Paddy Palin/Kathmandu etc, 2 for 1 which is exactly what you need when trying to pack light.

If you look under the General Discussion posts, there are a number of packing lists from different people and they are good.



We were the first camping trip out for the year and it was still really cold, our first night in Switzerland it was -9 overnight so the best thing is to pack layers. It was cold to start with on our trip but warmed up quickly as we got further south, closer to the equator and then stayed warm until we started north again. Another thing to remember is that Europe has just had their coldest winter on record so it is also taking a bit longer than usual to get to the normal summer temps.