Packing for late Aug/Sep


Im doing the European Wonder tour departing 26th Aug. Will anyone else be doing the same tour? I’ve got a few days in london pre-tour and then after the tour about 2 weeks in Scotland/Ireland. Just wanted some ideas on what type of clothes to pack. I was planning on taking more summery clothes rather than wintery ones. So like a couple of pants (jeans included in that) and mainly shorts & Skirts and t-shirts. Also a warm jumper and a light cardigan. Im assuming it won’t be too cold that time of the yr?



If you search under the General Discussions board there are a host of topics on what to pack. August tends to be one of the hottest times in Europe, so it won’t be cold! I would rethink the jeans though - they take up a huge amount of space, are difficult to dry and will get really hot in some of the nightclubs. Stick with pants that are a blend, or even a pair of capri pants.