Packing for Changing Temperatures


I know there are other posts that discuss packing list, but I’m curious to see if folks think my list will work.

I’m taking the European Express tour starting on May 28th. My concern is that there’s a chance it could still be a bit cold, but I don’t want to overpack. (Plus, it seems to be mostly the girls that post what they’re packing).

1 pair of khaki cargo pants
1 pair of jeans (or would another pair of cargo pants work better?)
1 pair of shorts
1 short sleeve polo shirt
1 short sleeve button down shirt
3 t-shirts
1 thermal long sleeve shirt
Sock and underwear
Fleece vest
Rain jacket


if youre thinking of going out on your trip, id probably recommend adding something a bit dressier ? and you should definitely take a pair of jeans. if you have room, put a jacket in! cool weather is very possible.


A jacket/jumper is a good idea. I’m in Britain atm and while it is beautiful sunny days as soon as the sun goes down it gets downright chilly. In terms of trousers and such, always think about how long they take to dry and whether you can wait that long when you wash them.



I completely agree with AussieCheshire. My last two tours I didn’t take jeans as they take forever to dry. Instead I took casual pants that had some lycra in them. No ironing required and they dry quickly as well.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Buy pants with stain defender. Lifesaver for traveling where you will probably wear pants several days before washing.