Pack or Suitcase?


Hey we are doing the spirit of europe in April 09 and we are getting very excited.[br]The big question we have come across and are unsure of the answer is[br]Suitcase or Pack???[br][br]Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Or any other advice you might have for us first time travellers.[br][br]Thanks Casey


there has been many topics with this same question.[br]many sugest pack, others case.[br]with a suitcase you have to lug it up stairs, but get to roll it along the ground.[br]with a pack its easier to carry around, but you have to do that carry it. i can only suggest if you are traveling afterwards you dont want to do a suitcase unless you have somewhere to store it.[br]but if you can leave it in the hotel or put it somewhere others have suggested it a better way.[br]all i can say it PACK LIGHT. organise what you want and then halve it. at least that way you have heaps of room in what ever you choose for trinkets and sovineers.[br]hope it helped a little[br][br]- beer is the answer, but i forgot the question- [br]


hello there! I would have to say back pack. My partner and I took suitcases and they were a pain in the ass to get up stairs, and on the underground in London and on cobble roads in Scotland! I nearly died when we stayed on the top floor of a hotel (the elevators are so small - if there is even one!) I envied all the people that had packs. I am buying one to take to egypt with us this year!