Oyster Card


Hi[br][br]Does anyone know much about oyster cards in London?? I have one and a friend says I can put a visitors pass on it and I get a cheaper rate?? [br][br]Does anyone know about this or how I do this?[br][br]Thanks Lisa


We bought oyster cards for while we were in London early this year, but I don’t know about any visitor’s rate. There is a thing called a travelpass you can buy but its a different thing altogether, you can use it for a nominated number of days unlike the oyster where you can just load money onto it…:slight_smile:


Am in London now, never heard of visitor’s rate but using an oyster or travlepass is cheaper than paying per ride (i.e. - buses are only.90 w/ oyster otherwise about ?2). got to www.tfl.gov.uk too.


Thanks[br][br]I heard off a friend about the travellers rate[br][br]But thanks for all your information[br]