Outback Adventure 18 september - 5 october



Anyone here going on this trip?

kind regards,


Hi, yay, finally…someone else doing this trip…!!! I’m doing the full trip from Melbourne to Darwin. When are you arriving in Melbourne?


Hi Charmain,

Sorry I didn’t reply earlier, I was rather busy B-)
I arrive in Melbourne the 16th, you?
Love to hear from you again! :wink:


yah more people i doing this trip i think this is a grate way to see the hart of australia i can’t wait to meet you ;D B-)


Hi Hayden!
Welcome to the club :wink:
When do you arrive in Melbourne?

I was wondering if any of you are travelling solo too?
It would be great to meet up before our trip starts, no?
I’m so excited, it’s not long now! Can’t wait to start this adventure :slight_smile:


hey Danae, i live i Victoria so i won’t be there till the morning, yea i am going solo to ;D


Hi Hayden and Danae,

Yay, our trip is getting closer! Only 18 more sleeps…ha ha!! Danae - I also arrive on the 16th in the morning. Are you staying at backpackers? Do you have plans to see things on 16th and 17th? I’m staying around the corner at a hotel for 2 nights. I have done a bit of Melbourne before in May so did a couple of tours then. Have got a couple of shorter things booked for this time around, and checking out the shops etc. Perhaps we could meet before the start of the tour?


PS: I am also travelling solo.


Wow!! seems like a small gathering, doesn’t it?

I am also on for trip in the end of october. And would love to hear your experience if you would get back from the trip till that time. Thanks! Love to be here!


Hi Biker Paul, are you sure it’s end of October you’re doing this? There is no October date for Outback Adventure - I was on the Oct tour due to start 16th Oct but it got cancelled due to low numbers. And I’m sure we will let you know what this tour is like, it will be fun I’m sure!


@nzgal72: Yes, I’m staying in the greenhouse backpackers :slight_smile:
I was planning a couple of hours rest when I arrive there, after that I really don’t have a clue…
There’s so much to see and so little time, it’s my first time there so I thought about doing a grand tour and then see what else is possible…
I really like art and architecture, so I might catch a contemporary art exposition if there’s something interesting :slight_smile:
Shopping is not one of my main priorities, but I never say never ;D
I also want to spent a couple of hours at the beach, so the next couple of weeks all my spare time will go to finding out what I’m going to do these 2 short days…
What kind of things did you book?
We really should meet, if our plans allow us too :stuck_out_tongue:
But I think we’ll find a way :wink:


Ok, see you then! :slight_smile:


Hey Danae,

If you like Penguins you could do a day trip out to see them when they come in at dusk onto the beach - very cute! Check out www.gowest.com.au - they are a great tour operator, small and really friendly! Unfortunately when I first visited Melbourne in May I did not realise my Topdeck trip went to the 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road, so I have seen and done our first couple of days already…ha ha!! Oh well, be nice to share again with new friends :-).

There is the King Tut exhibition on at the Melbourne Museum when we are there if that interests you? I have booked to go the day I arrive, but I am closer flying time than you :-). I have also booked a chocoholic walking tour on the Sat afternoon if you like chocolate? Other than that, I plan to have a look around the central city shops as I didn’t have much time to do that when I visited back in May.

I’m sure we will find time to catch up and have lunch, or dinner! My hotel around the corner is only about 7 mins walk from the backpackers.

Hope that helps! Only 15 more sleeps to go :slight_smile:


hey Charmain,

I checked the website about the penguin tour, it lookes very nice! :slight_smile:
Although I rather do that another time i think…
I calculated my flying time and it lookes I’ll be travelling around 30h so I think it’s best to take it slow the first days, especially since it’s my first time I fly this far…
I don’t now what it will do with my body :s
I work in shifts so I’m quite used to changing my biological clock ;D

A chocolate tour sounds really jummie, but since I can eat Belgian chocolate every day, I don’t see the point of eating it the other side of the world :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha
I was thinking about seeing something in the ACCA or the NGV, but I’m not sure yet…
I still have to do some searching across the web on what’s on that moment in the different museums…
2 days are far too less to see the whole the city, but I think I’ll see plenty just by taking the free hop-on-hop-off and then get off when I see something interesting :slight_smile:
But I just started to look things up…

Indeed we’ll find a moment to meet :wink:
For me it’s just 8 more sleeps untill departure time ;D


Hey Danae,

Nice to hear from you again.

What time do you arrive on the 16th? I arrive in the morning about 9am. You certainly have a long way to fly that’s for sure, lucky for me I have only 4 hours flying time to Melbourne.

Have you heard about Skybus? You can get this from the airport to the city. Check out www.skybus.com.au. I used them back in May on my first visit to Melbourne and they were very cheap, and hassle free. They provide a free shuttle from their terminal in the city to your accommodation.

Some of the chocolate tour is Australian made, but you are right, Belgian chocolate beats NZ and Australian chocolate hands down ;-D.

9 more sleeps for me!


hey Charmain and Danae, i live 35mins away from the penguins and the chocolate factory on philip island if you are going to go and i might meet you there ;D


Hi Hayden,

I’ve done the penguins already, and I don’t think Danae has time this visit to Melbourne. But I certainly enjoyed the Panny’s Chocolate factory in May when I was there!! This time I am doing a walking chocolate tour around the city centre of Melbourne which I’m sure will be delicious! Only 8 more sleeps to go!! How’s the weather in Melbourne at the moment?


Hey Charmain the weather is shit it’s been raining for the past 2 days


Oh bugger Hayden…make sure you turn on the sunshine for when we arrive Fri week!! What’s the daytime temperature like? Are you doing the full tour up to Darwin?


its bran about 14 to 19 in vic and up north its been in the 30’s. far i am doing the full trip and i will try to turn on the sun ;D