Others joining a tour?


Hello,[br]I ve booked in for a tour this summer and was hoping to go with my boyfriend but he was stuck working for the summer so I was to go alone. Now he has gotten the time off unexpectedly but the tour is booked up. Is there anyway that a person can meet up with a group, go sight seeing and all those things but take care of their own food and hotel? The time span i m looking at isn’t even the entire trip it would just be my last 3 days in Amsterdam. If someone could help me out with this question, especially someone from topdeck that would be greatly appreciated. [br][br]Have a Great Day Everyone!!!;D[br][br]ps:My attempt to find an e-mail address to contact someone from topdeck itself rather then posting this on the forum was unsuccessful.


It’s my assumption that yes, your boyfriend would be able to visit with you guys. I mean, all of the siteseeing things are for the public, so there shouldn’t be any rules against it. However, I don’t have the answers,it’s just my guess. I’ve had many questions for Topdeck myself and when writing to this e-mail address, I got answers back in a timely fashion:[br]ResLA@aptouring.com[br]Good Luck![br][br]lauren


one more thing…which tour did you chooose?[br][br][br]lauren


Hey, [br]Thanks for the help and the e-mail address. I ve booked in for the Summer Fun and Sailing trip leaving June 25th. Should be a good time!![br][br]Thanx again!:slight_smile:


Hi there[br]I work at Topdeck and was reading your post. There are still seats available on the trip that you are doing so your boyfriend could join you if he wanted to.[br]I am wondering where you got the information that the trip was fully booked?[br]If you would like to contact us please email to[br][br]res@topdecktravel.co.uk[br][br]Cheers[br]Tiggy