What are the options on the Discover Europe tour?? Anyone know…[br]


Hi,[br][br]The optional excursion info is usually listed on the trip itinerary PDF which you can download from the website itinerary page.[br][br]In this case, it is as follows:[br][br]DISCOVER EUROPE ? OPTIONAL EXCUSTIONS:[br]FRANCE:[br]Paris:[br]Paradis Latin Cabaret Show ?54[br]Fat Tyre Bike Tour ?20[br]Seine River Cruise ?8[br]Bordeaux Winery ?6[br]SPAIN:[br]Barcelona:[br]Flamenco show ?30[br][br]ITALY:[br]Venice:[br]Gondola Ride around the Canals ?18.50[br]Commemorative Trip T-shirt ?17.50[br]Commemorative Girly T-shirt ?19.50[br]Commemorative Polo shirt ?22.50[br]Commemorative Beauty V Top ?20.30[br]Commemorative Mens Singlet ?17.50[br]Commemorative Unisex Hoodie ?26.50[br][br]SWITZERLAND[br]Wengen:[br]Jungfrau Excursion Approx 130 Swiss Francs[br]Mountain Biking Approx 35 Swiss Francs[br][br]NETHERLANDS:[br]Amsterdam:[br]Evening Canal Cruise (Incl drinks) ?27[br]Heineken Experience ?10[br][br]The above prices are to help you budget for extra optional excursions. Prices are based on summer 2007 prices and are subject to change at any time. Please use this as a guide only. Please advise your[br]trip leader with any definite decisions regarding optionals as soon as possible. SOME OPTIONS MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE AT CERTAIN TIMES OF THE YEAR.[br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Anita