How do we know what the optionals for this year are? and how much they cost?
It would be nice to know in advance.


I agree Mishmush, im doing the European Getaway that starts May 29th, although this tour is still about 10 weeks away it would be nice to have some idea of what the optionals are and how much they cost.


Here is the list of optionals from the Timeless Trail tour for last year which covered France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy and Greece. I don’t think the optionals change much for each city but anyway here is the list for last year
Paradis Latin Cabaret Show €54
Fat Tyre Bike Tour €20
Seine River Cruise €8

Jungfrau Excursion Approx 137 Swiss Francs (more than 10 persons)
Jungfrau Excursion Approx 156 Swiss Francs (less than 10 persons)
Skydiving 430 Swiss Francs

Flamenco Show €30

Gondola Ride around the Canals €19
Commemorative Trip T-shirt €18 - €35 (Price varies according to style)
Guided tour of the Vatican Museums €37

Unfortunately I have no idea what optionals are available for the other cities.
Hope this helps


You should get a package in the mail from TopDeck (or your travel agency) about 6 weeks before departure with all of the final details.