Optionals vs. doing your own thing


Hey hey,
So I have a really quick question… well actually a couple of quick ones. I’ll be on the euro pioneer in august… and i am thinking i really really want to see moulin rouge instead of the caberet. To those who have been to the caberet in paris, what did you think of it, and if you had your time again would you have seen moulin rouge instead? Also, I have my heart set on doing both the jungfrau mtn excursion and skydiving in switzerland, but part of me doubts i can manage to do both of these with such little time. has anyone else done both? and how did you manage timewise etc.

Are there any optionals you would not recommend or any that were your favourites?

I am also wanting to know if there are any websites that people can recommend that give you a good list of things you need to take (I have a list that i will post here so you can +/- to it). I dont want to overpack because i have sooo much stuff i want to buy.

Carry on:
-Camera + charger + 12gig in SD cards

  • DSI + games and charger
  • Ipod + Batteries
  • Phone + Charger
  • Travel docs + passport
  • sunglasses and reading glasses
  • ear plugs
  • 1 set of spare clothes (and underwear) for a change in singapore or if luggage gets lost
  • wallet incl 2x c/c 1x visa 1x cash passport 1x id (not drivers licence) and passport photos
  • 2x usb sticks to get other peoples photos :slight_smile:
  • 1x led torch keyring and my keys for my travel locks
  • baby blanket :slight_smile:
  • all my medications (i have heaps! cuz i dont want to get sick… valium, antibiotics, cold and flu tablets, panadol, bruofen, diarrhoea tablets and maxilon for vomiting, Multivitamins and Vitamin C tablets, no doze, strepsels)
  • hand sanitiser, baby wipes, tissues
  • small 1st aid kit with emergency blanket, bandaids, burn cream, detol, bandage.
  • toothbrush and toothpaste (I brought this awesome little travel one which is the size of a usb stick when its all closed up) and a pack of colgate wisps
  • 1 small towel (in case luggage is lost/ shower in singapore)
  • make up (the usual blush, foundation, mascara and eyeliner)
  • hair brush and hair ties
  • lip balm and cold sore cream
  • Small shampoo and conditioner and soap/body wash, moisturiser and deoderant (I brought a travel pack with all of this in it and it comes in a little zip up bag :))
  • spare zippy ties and locks to secure luggage

I am going to buy a large handbag aswell with the long strap so i can take this out during the day/ night + travel diary and pens.


  • 5 pairs underwear
  • 2 pairs socks
  • 1 pair joggers
  • 1 pair jeans
  • 1 pair of sandles/ pluggers
  • 1 pair long black pants
  • 1 x dressy top (for monaco)
  • 1x dressy dress
  • 2 x black tights
  • 2x dresses
  • 2 x shorts
  • 1 x togs
  • 1 x sarong
  • 3 x t-shirts
  • 1x long sleeved shirt
  • PJ’s (Flannos and singlet)
  • Sleeping bag
  • Beach towel (small light weight)
  • umberella
  • the rest of my showering stuff (soaps etc)
  • boardshorts
  • jacket

Oh, and for those who have stayed in london abit… would you recommend the lion king production?




Good questions! I don’t know but I’d like to find out!
You sure are taking a lot of stuff. I’ve heard people say try to take as little as possible, most stuff that you take for ‘just incase’, you probably won’t use. And I’m sure they have first aid kits etc on the bus


I haven’t been to a cabaret before, but I have been to the Moulin Rouge! It was fantastic! In saying that though, going out with your group is probably what made it as much fun as it was - and the wine that we were drinking ;D. I think that once you get there, you’ll know what to do by what everyone wants to do as well. Going somewhere by yourself probably isn’t as much fun as being in a group.

Thanks for the list too - I’m going to use it to help me pack for this trip!

PS You’ll probably find you won’t need the usbs either (not that they take up much room!) - facebook is great for exchanging photos and keeping in touch at the end of your trip!


You can totally skip any optional and do your own thing. You could probably even find some people that might rather do that as well!

I didn’t do the cabaret but I heard mixed reviews. If you’re pretty set on moulin rouge just do that instead.

You CAN do both junfrau and skydiving in Switzerland, you just need to coordinate with your tour leader to get an appropriate jump time.

As far as optionals, most are good. I would skip flamenco in barcelona if you are going there.


Thanks guys!
Yeah my heart is pretty much set on moulin rouge, so im thinking that may be the way to go. and Melissa… it does seem like a lot, but re: med etc, I am prone to getting random sicknesses o/s, (nothing majorly bad, but like… lock jaw and random outbreaks in rashes) not just a normal cold etc and im allergic to alot of medications hense the amazing long list. and the first aid kit is about the size of a credit card. Im actually staying over for a wee bit longer, so im just concerned if i get stuck in a city by myself and get hurt.

Oh i forgot to add a jumper etc… im wearing mine over. The idea is, for me, to have as little as possible in my actual luggage, and most of it in my carry on… my flight lets me take 10kgs with me carry on + a handbag. (not that i want to weigh myself down… and all of the above stuff in carry on is only about 4kgs). Then when i get there i can rearrange/ throw out stuff (Im not bringing the towels or sleeping bag back).

The USB’s were an idea of my mates. She just got back from the mega euro and said she had to buy a harddrive over there to put all the photos on. And as i photobook all of my travels, i think the quality off fb wouldn’t really be that great when i enlarge the pics?

Ohhhh not sure.

I did have another question… im debating whether or not to take a euro adaptor for appliances. People have said that theres probably no point as most hotels/hostels and the bus should have them… but from experience what do you all think?

And… one last thing. If anyone is staying at clink between 15-19 august and wants to see the sights/ go for a drink… let me know as i am travelling solo and would love to meet people!!


Hi Inorbit

Wow you are organised!!! If there is a couple of things i can suggest extra that you bring is a power board and 1x UK adapter and 1x European adapter. Most places you stay at dont have adapters so you will need these, and if you have a power board you can charge everything at once rather than waiting to charge it one at a time (there are some shortages of power points in some plcaes, especially when you have to share with other people too)

make sure you take 1 really warm jacket because in some places it is so cold its not funny!!! it was the one thing i didnt take last time and i ended up wearing thermal singlet, long sleeve top, vest, and 2 jackets and a scarf. oh and bring a scarf if you can, it was a god send!!!

I did the Paris Caberet show last time and i wont be doing it again, i’ll be doing the Seine river cruise. I was really dissapointed, i wish we had gone to Moulin Rouge instead.

myself and my 2 mates will be staying at the Clink on the 18th and 19th August, we arrive on the night of the 18th, so we’d love to catch up for drinks!!!

If you have any other questions at all let me know :slight_smile:



Bonus note. I did the third Reich walking tour in Berlin today and it was really good. Great guide.

Just FYI.


hey nicola, that would be fantastic to catch up for a drink! We must arrange. Ill send you a pm with my email address, so email me and we can tee something up.

I am actually contemplating leaving everything behind and not coming back… but since i only have 6wks to go im not sure how long it takes for visas etc to come through… i wonder how many people do move over there for a working holiday after the tour"?


Sounds good to me :slight_smile:

I wish i could do that as well, if only i didnt have some many debts here in Oz id be on the first plane out!! lol. I did look into it and i believe it can take up to 3 months for Visas to be organised - they can be rushed through as well if there is a valid reason behind it. I think a lot of people wish they could do it, but i think visa wise most people come home from the trip then organise something. I think ill just have to make do with a trip over there every second year instead.


Hey Inorbit

Looks like im doing the same euro pioneer tour as you. I’m traveling solo too and am arriving at the clink on the 15th august. Would love to meet up with you for a drink or see the sights before our tour.

Im so excited, cant believe how close its getting :slight_smile:



ohhh Amanda! I arrive on the 15th aswell! That would be FANTASTIC. I will pm you


Hi Inorbit,

Definitely try and fit both Jungfrau and skydiving in in Lauterbrunnen - both are specatular. As for cabaret and Moulin Rouge - I found both a bit flat. Having said that, quite a few of the dancers at the Moulin Rouge are Australian (I went to school with one of them), so can and cheer them on!

For your packing, take a pair of cheap thongs for the shower - they are brilliant for stopping the spread of tinnea etc.

Stacey :wink:


Hey Inorbit, I’m going to be on the same Euro Poineer trip as you and I’ll be staying at the Clink the two nights before the trip departs so I’m in on catching up for a drink too! I would really like to go to the Moulin Rouge as well because one of my sister’s best friends is a dancer there and it would be great to go see her perform!

Keep in touch,



Hey Inorbit
One of the girls I went on tour with had done the moulin rouge before and still did the optional and she pretty much said that the moulin rouge s**t all over the one we got to see, so I woulds suggest if you can afford it that you go to the moulin rouge one.
As for jungfrau and skydiving our guys had one hour up the top of the mountain before they had to come back down for the skydiving… I wasnt one of those people but we only spent may 1.5 hours up there so you can definatley do both.

I wore pants once on our trip which was last month, and that was up the top to jungfrau by the time we got back down I had to put shorts on again. So im not sure if you need so many pairs of pants, plus you can always buy a heap of stuff over there. H&M which is all over the place is an awsome super cheap place to shop.

Hope you have an awsome trip


If I had my time again I would do the Moulin Rouge hands down. I believe though you need to get your tickets some time in advance as shows often sell out well in advance.

I enjoyed the cabaret show. I also enjoyed the flamenco show in Barcelona and then went and dined at La Ramblas and drank more sangria and had paella. Yum!

I did the Discover Europe trip in 2007 and thoroughly enjoyed it.

As for Switzerland we (partner and I) just went shopping in the free time we had before meeting everyone for dinner at Mt Rigi. Alot of people on our tour organised paragliding and loved it. I think they just saw a brochure at the hotel we were staying at (best hotel-loved it…buffet too for b’fast …we were meant to stay up on the mountain but our accommodation got changed and by the sounds of it we were all upgraded to this hotel).

Unless you are really interested…in Florence I would skip the leather making demo…you don’t actually see them making anything just talking about their products etc. In Venice I would skip the lace making talk too. Waste of time unless you love lace and want to buy some table linen from Italy.
In Austria we were the only 2 people who decided to skip the schnapps museum tour and go to Schonbrunn Palace instead. I absolutely loved it and a part of me to this day still thinks the rest of the group missed out.

Do what interests you.

I highly recommend sharing a taxi in Spain with some of your fellow travelers to the flamenco show esp if your group needs to catch 2 trains to get to the show. We had a group of 4 of us who decided to go with the taxi option, quicker and safer and cheaper. Spain was cheap for taxis.


Hey Inorbit,

Feedback would be great, now that you have done it.

Did you take the right things or not? What did you think of the optionals?
I am booked to go next May and can’t wait.

Would love any feedback.