Optionals on Red Star Special


hi topdeckers!

I’m going to be doing the Red Star Special and am wondering if any of you have done the tour and know what the optional activities are and how expensive they are? or if anyone has done it and just wants to tell me how awesome it is … that would be great too! :wink:



Hi, When are you doing tis tour? Im going on this with a friend in August 2011.


Hi Lizzie, ill be doing the one starting on the 26th June :slight_smile:


Hey Jas, when are you travelling? I’m doing the one on 17th July.


Hi Kimberly, I’m doing the tour on the 26th June :slight_smile:


I’m doing the tour starting the 12th June. I would also be keen to know what the optionals are like! Be great to see who else is on this tour which finishes on the 18th July