optional tours



just wondering bout the optional tours. do you have to choose and pay all at the begining of the tour
or can you decide as you go along. also on the more expensive ones eg: skydiving and up jungfrau
mountain can you pay by credit card. ???

see you soon


Hi Chris,

If you jump on our website and check out your trips itinerary page, there’s an e-doc called “Optionals - 2011 Reference Guide” which will give you a good idea of all the optional activities available on your trip and their approximate cost.

Have a think about these before your trip and which ones you would like to do. Once you start your trip, your Trip Leader will again fully outline these optional excursions to you and give you some time to think about them.

When you’ve decided, please advise your trip leader with any definite decisions regarding optionals as soon as possible - final decisions are usually required at least a few days before the activity. All optional activities are paid locally, in cash.

Hope this info help!

Topdeck Team


On the tour I did (Europe Uncovered in June 2009) our trip leader generally told us what optionals were coming up in the next 3 or 4 days and their prices while we on the bus on a driving day. So we then had a couple of days to decided and she would come round and collect the money usually a day or 2 before - basically while on the drive to the relevant city.