Optional Extras - Euro Wonder mar'09


Hey Guys…[br][br]Just wondering if there is a list of the optional extras for the Euro Wonder -If not when do you find out what they are ??? when you get there???[br][br]I want to organise my money for it :)[br][br]Thanks [br][br]European Wonder March 25 2009


Hi Aimee,[br][br]We are hoping to get final answers from our suppliers for the optionals by the end of this week. However, please find last year’s excursions and prices below which you could use for guidance / budgeting purposes. Please note these are not the 2009 prices so there may be some minor changes:[br][br]EUROPEAN WONDER ? OPTIONAL EXCURSIONS - 2008 prices for your reference[br][br]FRANCE:[br]Paris:[br]Paradis Latin Cabaret ?54[br]Fat Tyre Bike Tour ?20[br]Seine River Cruise ?8[br][br]SWITZERLAND:[br]Lauterbrunnen[br]Jungfrau Excursion Approx 135 Swiss Francs[br][br]ITALY:[br]Venice:[br]Gondola Ride around the Canals ?19[br]Commemorative Trip T-shirt ?18[br]Commemorative Girly T-shirt ?19.50[br]Commemorative Polo shirt ?22.50[br]Commemorative Beauty V Top ?21[br]Commemorative Mens Singlet ?18[br]Commemorative Unisex Hoodie ?28.50[br][br]NETHERLANDS:[br]Amsterdam:[br]Evening Canal Cruise (Incl drinks) ?28[br]Heineken Experience ?10[br][br][br]SOME OPTIONS MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE AT CERTAIN TIMES OF THE YEAR. [br][br]Best wishes,[br][br]Anita [br]


THANKS :)[br][br]