Optional Extras and Detailed Itineraries


Hey guys, was just wondering when the optional extras and detailed itineraries are getting released for each tour? My partner and I just booked a Europe Uncovered tour for next year and I’m really excited about it. Would love to see what I’m in for/budgeting for.


Rhiannon. :-[


hey Rhiannon,

we got emailed an itinerary form a group that have just departed after asking, basically, the interary we have seen is identical to the ones online, aparently the group leaders will fill you in as the tour progresses, we have come accross a couple of minor things that have interfered with our planning that we have been doing (ie:the walking tour of rome is allegedly 5 hours, and you dont get into paris on day one til bout 5pm) which arent mentioned in the itinerary.

hope this helps somewhat,

as for optionals they are slightly different each tour but again dont differ much from the online stuff either…



Hey guys,
The detailed itineraries will be up in the next few months, so please keep checking the website for details.

Your travel documents will be sent to you 6 weeks before your trip departs. The itinerary that will be sent to you will be fairly similar to the one posted online.


Topdeck Team


ok cheers i will keep checking the website :slight_smile:


Will the online itinerary list all the optional extras including the costs of these extras??? I really want to know in advance how much each of the extras costs so that I bring enough money with me (and save up enough money) I would hate to miss out on something I wanted to do just because I didn’t have enough time to save for it!

If that info is already online - where?? I’ve looked and wasn’t able to find it. I’ll be going on the summer fun and sailing tour on the 29th April 2011.

Thanks!! :smiley:


Hi guys,
You’ll get a more detailed itinerary a few weeks for your departure so that should help with your planning. Topdeck also posts a trip itinerary online (i found this one was fairly similar to the one I was sent) - I don’t think it’s posted for the summer fun and sailing yet, but keep an eye out for it i guess. Or you could try get in contact with someone who has already done the trip and ask them how much they generally spent on extras. Generally i think if you budget spending 60 euro a day you’ll be ok!


so 60 Euro covers even the optional extras? I thought it only covered the extra food and any souvenirs? I think I might try and find someone whose been on this tour before - try and get an idea of these optional extras costs - cause I just know I’ll want to do all of them!! :smiley:


just did the SF&S tour and i did a few of the optional extras and from memory ill put down what i can

Skydiving swiss alps (with personal video footage) about $550 Aussie dollars. (couldnt remember how much in euros as i paid credit card)
Top of Jungfrau mountain was 120 euro- bit of a ripoff considering your paying just for a train ride to the top of the mountain and they sting you good as they say to pay after you did it. the tour leader will sort out the tickets you just pay a deposit. plus if you do the skydiving you dont get long at the top of the moutnain where there is also snowboarding and skiing.
its a bit pricey but i highly recommend the skydiving.

People wanted to save money and do the skydiving in tyrol so only 4 of us went in Switzerland but the people who wanted to do it in tyrol not everyone got to as there was too many people wanting to do it. plus the scenery is much better and you do it from a chopper!

Bike ride through Paris was about 30 euro. i really enjoyed that for some reason. im not much into history but the bike tours (fattirebiketours.com)gave me another perspective of Paris.

Paragliding in Tyrol was amazing. that was 120 euro with video and photos. (mind you video aint that great but photos are awesome) so peaceful up there too gliding around.
ummm not sure bout the other things in tyrol as i could only fit in the paragliding in as the other things like the mountain biking and skydiving were all at the same time. be good if you could fit it all in.
Hrmm im trying to think what else i done… Amsterdam sex show was relatively cheap (less than 50Euro) same as the cabaret show in Paris.
i missed the bike ride in amsterdam (i did the “flying high” tour if you get my drift the night before ;))
i didnt do much in rome as i had been there before but expect to pay alot to see the vatican and sistene chappel and also the coloseum.
my opinion is i think rome is the biggest rip off going around. its good to see it all but like i said i already seen it and wasnt prepared to pay top dollar for the same old boring thing.

I hope this helps a little bit. sorry if i blabbed on a bit i just bored at home reminiscing of my tour :’(


oh yer just a tip bout the eiffel tower…if you can be bother taking the stairs up to the first level it is much cheaper and you will get up there much quicker as the ques (however you spell) or lines are hell longer than the stairs line


Hi Mick!

Thanks for posting this, helps a bit knowing what to budget for! Was very curious about the Skydiving! hehe

Thanks heaps mate


sorry i meant the line for the stairs is much shorter than the line for the elevator.

No worries Katie its my pleasure.
if there is any other curiosities feel free to ask


hi if anyone did the skydive how did it go!!! where was the best place to jump?


Just a quick thing about the itinerary’s, the 6 week timeline isnt always 100%, I leave in 3 weeks and my travel agent just got my itinerary today.


Wow! Thanks Mick! That’s exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:

Since I’ve never been to Europe before I’m gonna want to do ALL the tours etc. With the skydiving…is that solo or tandem? I’ve never skydived before (and am a little afraid of heights) so would need that extra nudge lol. What about the paragliding too?

How much did you end up spending on the tour? Trying to work out spending money its almost impossible to tell!

Thanks for your help again! ;D