When will we be getting a list of optional excursions on the various trips we will be taking? Will they be sent to us with our documents via email or wil they be posted on the various trip sites?


Hi CHAW78,

Apparently Topdeck are in the process of loading them on to their site. Once the optional list is loaded, you should be able go to the name of the tour you are booked on and find it on the bottom right of the web page underneath the pre-departures and itinerary. I asked my travel agent a week ago and TopDeck advised her it was going to take them 2 weeks to complete…so another week to go…

I was told to check regularly. :-/


What tour are you doing? I might have some info from last year.


I am doing the croatia sailing-19th Jun, Columbus Footsteps (spain and portugal)-10Jul, and the Great Eastern-16 of July…if you have any info, just send it to chaw78@aol.com…thanks a ton