Optional Excursions


It would be great to hear from people who have information on, or experience with, the optional activities for EuroHotel trips ??? (i.e .Austria paragliding, “Heinekin experience”, Amsterdam dinner and cruise, France bike tour, Seine River cruise, etc)[br][br]Anything and everything about those optional experiences would be helpful [br][br]Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Meadow,[br][br]We did a Eurohotel trip in December/January and my advice is to do as many of the optionals as you can…As we were on tour over Christmas the Heineken experience was closed and we didn’t have the option of paragliding however the Amsterdam dinner and cruise was great, the Fat tyre Bike of Paris I really recommend, it was an excellent way to see some the the sights of Paris and the Seine River cruise just gave you another perspective…[br]Really do as much as you can, coz if you don’t I think you will regret it when you arrive home;D


You should be able to do paragliding in Switzerland too if your trip goes there. Do as many optionals as you can. Alot of people in the group decide to do these so it’s a good social event and a perfect way to get to know your fellow travellers. Amsterdam cruise is heaps of fun. The canals are great.Also organise your own cruise up the Danube when you are in Budapest (a night cruise is the best).The Flamenco show in Barcelona is also fantastic entertainment especially with Sangria! Have fun and enjoy…cram as much in as you can!


The bike tours and river cruises sound awesome. My trip (European Wonder, June 11 Club trip) is less than a week away and I fly out to London tomorrow night![br][br]I noticed there is a rock-music festival in Germany while my trip is going on. Here is part of the schedule of the “Hurricane Festival” for Sunday night, 22June, when we will only be 3-hours car-ride away![br]- 5:30pm-6:30pm Flogging Molly[br]- 9:00pm-10:15pm The Kooks[br]- 10:00pm-11:30pm Radiohead[br]Don’t know if it’s a possibility to fit it into the tour or take a side group. I’ll be plenty happy with the just the normal tour stuff, but it would be so interesting to catch this concert!