Optional excursions and Paris/London pass


Hi I am going on a 12 day tour of Europe that visits 6 countries in 12 days. They have released all of the optional excursions which you can pay for early. Some are quite expensive. Just wondering if we don’t do the optional excursions does that mean that time is free for us to do whatever we want separate to the tour group?

Also, our tour ends with 2 nights in Paris so we have booked an extra 2 nights in Paris after the tour ends to extend our stay. Is it worth getting a Paris pass for the extra 2 days (some of the highlights will have already been included in the tour). Same goes for London. We will have 2 days with the tour in London and we have an extra 2 nights there later on at the end of our 5 week trip. Should we bother with the London pass for those 2 extra days?





Hi there,

Just got back from a Spirit of Europe trip. I know the optionals can seem pricey, but they usually work out cheaper going through TopDeck than booking it yourself as you can get group discounts. Also, the optionals are where you really get to know other people on the trip, so you’re kind of missing out on all the memories/inside jokes that will result from the optionals. So moral of the story is, budget for all the optionals! Doesn’t mean you have to decide now you definitely want to do them all (some I didn’t decide until like an hour beforehand), but people who didn’t budget for all of them definitely found that they regretted not having more money to play with :slight_smile:

I got a one day London pass for the end of my tour, and it was definitely worthwhile. Not sure it would be worth you getting more than a one day one, but that was more than enough for me as I was mostly just interested in the main attractions that are included (such as Westminster Abbey). It definitely worked out better value for me than buying tickets separately, so head over to the London and Paris Pass websites and figure out what you want to see that’s included and do the math to figure out whether it’s going to be better value. For me, I was about 40 pound better off!