Optional Excursion Prices?



Does anyone know if there a list available with all the prices of the optional activities we can do on our tour?
I’m doing the 27 day european explorer gap trip
I’m trying to figure out how much spending money I will need.


If you have a look at the tour there should be a link that has the different optionals available and approximate price


Hi guys,

You can find the docs here:

EuroCamping http://www.topdeck.travel/eastern-highlights-itinerary-2011.pdf
EuroClub http://www.topdeck.travel/euroclub-optionals-2011-reference-guide-only.pdf
EuroHotel http://www.topdeck.travel/eurohotel-optionals-2011-reference-guide-only.pdf

Happy travels!



For some reason I can’t see information about my tour on the website
but thank you!