Optional Excursion Costs



has anyone got any idea how much the sky diving costs on the southern nomad (in the Swiss alps) just so i know how much to budget.

Also has anyone done the euro camping? do you know if there are electricity supplies?



Hi Julia

Looking at the optional prices from last year its 430 swiss francs, which means if your from aus its about the same. The price may have changed slightly for this year though. I am also hoping to do this as an optional

Hope this helps


Hi Jade

Thanks for that. It gives me an idea of how much i need to budget for.


Some of the camp grounds have electricity in the bathrooms etc which you can use, however, take a car charger for phones etc. You might have to share with the bus, but it means that you’ll be able to charge your phone etc. Take spare batteries for your camera and then charge in one big lot when you’re in a place with an outlet in your room.