Hi All,[br][br]I’m looking at purchasing tickets to the soccer from this website and was wondering if anyone has had any past experience using them?[br][br] [br][br]Thanks,[br]Ede[br][br]Discover Europe 2009 [br]


hey… what game are you looking for? Dont buy from any third party websites because i have researched and was informed that these guys are just touts hiding behind a name. Instead, call up the individual clubs (watch out for when the tickets come up on general sale). i got my tickets to a liverpool game that way.


Yeah if you’re looking for Premiership or something similar, don’t buy from a third party site like that. Has to be straight from the club to be genuine. Do be aware that if it’s one of the big clubs you’re after then it will be very hard, maybe even impossible to get tickets to a league game. Cup game is your best bet.


hey, i had no problems to get my sixnations tickets last year so i am buying again from them. they have a delivery at the stadium that is very fast. checked several sites but no one can beat their prices.


Well,i bought from them 1 tickets for F.a cup finale.
The tickets were in the hotel 1 day before the match in the evening hours.
The seats were more then ok…dispite concerns(they are a second market compnay)it all turned up to be fine.


Well i was in rough spot,my friend should have gotten us tickets for Man united city match,but he didnt manage to get the ticekts it was sold out,so we checked online,got it of them just because of the price to be honest.
We received the tickets next to ground a few hours before the match,the seats were not the best,but we were next to each other!had a great time…


the problem for football is the same as for rugby: tickets are always sold out long ago so the option left is to buy in the second market/hand. as i said before, i used this site to buy my rugby tickets and got them. if someone ask me if i recommend i will say yes and just advise to read well what they are offering just to avoid any misunderstanding. dont expect them to sell at the same price or for the same category written on the ticket. i use to say that is like cocacola: if you buy in the supermarket has one price and if you buy in the restaurant has another.


it is a chance in a million to be in the same city and same day of a moto gp race and get tickets. i was in italy last week and being a huge fan of this kind of race tried to get tickets online. this site was the cheapest option and i took the risk. for my surprise, they called me just after to instruct me about their delivery nearby the race. it was just perfect!!!


My sister was really afraid as it is a lot of money without any real guarantee. So she paid with a credit card and, at least, got their support just in case. But was not needed at all as her tickets for Wimbledon just arrived to her home.


I was in the same situation,i paid them for 2 tickets for the roland garros,and i was sure i wont recive the tickets on time,
But much to my suprise,i received the tickets 2 days before the match to my hotel,went to the match,and everything was ok!


Hey,well i was in paris trying to receive tickets for the roland garros finale,with no luck,they said that they were online for the past 15 years,so i deicided to go with them,received my tickets 6 days before the match by e-mail,had no problem getting into the match:)


I know i wrote a review about them in the a few weeks ago,but still i also booked a tickets for the black eyed peas show for the 03/07/2010.
Got my ticket today!dont know if im lucky,but when i work with them everything is fine!


I don’t want to flame anyone, but just be aware that these ‘posters’ that have given reviews on this 3rd party company only have 1-2 posts, and joined the forms the same day they posted.
It seems like this 3rd party company just do google searchs for forums/websites with the name and try posting to make the company seem legit.

Just a tip and something to consider.


I know you were not trying to cause a riot,but still i feel its important to say my opinion(whatever it may be)
You cant hold me responsible for what others are saying…


Dont know if i was just lucky,but i received my tickets euroleague final4 from them,got them in advance a few days before the match.


Got my tickets for the community shield from them,received them 3 days before the match,nice seats!


They are just scammers. Have a look at this FB group: