One of my best family trip I experienced


There’s something very special about traveling with my family during the holidays. Last time my father decided to go to a resort to enjoy the holidays. The resort offered many activities like boating, hiking etc. The first day we went boating and fished for a while but only a single fish caught on my rod. My father caught so many fishes. There we also had a facility to cook the fish. We altogether prepared the fish and ate. I was so happy that I was able to catch at least one fish.

Next day, the receptionist asked us whether we need astromer electric bike for hiking. We said yes we need. As my sister was small, my mother needs to take care of her. So, my father and I went hiking. While hiking other than natural wonder we many wildlife creatures like rabbits, whitetail deer, and ducks and enjoyed the trails. By evening we returned back to the resort. At night we had campfire over there other families also joined with us and we had lots of fun. We all were so sad to leave that beautiful place. My father promised me that for next holidays we will come here once again.


This is a great holiday, my children do not know anything except phones and equipment. It is necessary to take an example from you and give them real pleasure.


Yes! These family trips are quite great and bond you guys specially if you do all the fun activities together. I have been doing it with my parents, sometimes I do get special discounts from download apps for free using GP codes but mostly I fund them. I am also going to get married soon so the trips would have a new member as well.


Yes, I like to visit with family holiday. Thanks to share your information with us.