One for the girls - hairdryers!


Okay, so i’m packing for the Spirit of Europe on 12 May, and i’m wondering… do I pack my hairdryer or not?[br][br]Anyone got any thoughts on if this is necessary or not?[br][br]Thanks,[br]Holly[br]Spirit of Europe, 12 May 09


Hi Holly, [br]I’m going on European Wonder 11th June. Hair dryers are a definite luxury, not necessity - I reckon it depends if you can go without or not. I have hair that can tie back so I’m not gonna bother taking mine. I defo want to take as little as possible, for sure there are gonna be others on your trip that will have packed one. So I suppose you either be one of the ones thats lending it out or you borrow ;-)[br]Enjoy your trip!![br][br]Emz[br]European Wonder[br]11Jun-24Jun 09


definitely bring ur hairdryer! They are seldom provided in hostels and when they r they r rubbish ones which overheat really easily. I brought mine and it deff came in handy n didnt take up too much space. Enjoy ur trip!:slight_smile:


I’m not going to take mine, I’m taking a small straightener instead! I figure I can let it either air dry and then straighten it, or wash it before I go to bed and then straighten it in the morning!


I have thought about this issue as well, as I am travelling for the first time with a backpack instead of a suitcase and I am stressing a bit about what I am going to be able to fit. I have decided to take a hairdryer as I am not keen to start off early mornings with wet hair. I just bought a small travel hairdryer. Found a vidal sassoon one that was 1900 watts and was only $25. If worst comes to worst at the end of the trip if I don’t have room to take it home, it is cheap enough to leave it behind. Enjoy your trip![br][br]Raina[br]Discover Europe July 9th[br]Followed by a week in London


I have decided to take a hair straightner with me. Basically it comes down to personal preference. Yes, you will need to carry it around with you, but if it makes you happy then do it!


Thanks for all the feedback girls![br][br]I think I will take mine, as I hate going around with wet hair! I also don’t use a straightener, so I think I’ll be okay[br][br]Holly[br]Spirit Of Europe, 12 May 09[br][br]Holly[br]European Getaway 27JUN09


i decided on a straightener over a hair dryer, cause there are other people on my trip that have the dryer and we will share.[br]but the only reason i can think that a dryer would be better, is maybe to dry shoes or small stuff in a hurry if they get are wet.[br]something to consider.[br][br]- beer is the answer, but i forgot the question- [br]summer fun & sailing[br]May 15th 09


I am not leaving home without my GHD straightener lol! 8-)[br][br][br]European Wonder 6th August -19th August 2009[br][br]Then Barcelona, Ibiza and Tomantina baby!!![br]:-*:o:-[8-);D[^][v]xx([8]:o)::):-/B):stuck_out_tongue:


[quote]the only reason i can think that a dryer would be better, is maybe to dry shoes or small stuff in a hurry if they get are wet[/quote][br][br]Stupid me didn’t consider it for that use as well :-[. thanks for the tip![br][br]In my opinion i still think it’ll take up to much space and weight for the amount of times i will use it.[br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European 28th July 2009[br]+ Britain & Ireland 5th September 2009[br]+ Greek Islands


I took a travel hairdryer, my GHD and even a travel iron…lol. The iron was very handy in helping get out those creases from hand washing clothes.


Hi Emz[br]I’m taking my hair dryer and you can use mine :)[br]2 weeks left[br]Cool!


haha Sara … you are a STAR !!![br][br]Emz[br]European Wonder[br]11Jun-24Jun 09