On Requests Questions


I recently booked a trip happening on the 22nd for the Europe Express. I’m wondering if it doesn’t go through how am I notified? Is this because I booked late?

What are my chances of getting on the tour? I looked for other options and there was a second trip that met my required dates but was also “On Request Status”. If I were to book that one as well to increase my chances to get into a trip and I ended up getting approved for both would I be able to get a refund on one of them?


Hi How are you?

I think if a tour is on request status it means the trip is nearly full…


Yeah, I emailed Topdeck and asked about this the other day, because I’m paranoid they’re going to cancel my trip on me. They said it was on request because there was only one seat left for my tour, so you’re right littlevic - it means the trip is nearly full.


Hi guys,

To clarify ‘On request’ normally means the trip is close to the departure date, or it’s nearly full so we need to contact our suppliers before we can confirm the booking.

If you sent through a booking request online, a Topdeck agent will contact you shortly with possible trip options.

Topdeck Team


Thanx topdeck I was getting paranoid that my trip was going to get cancelled phew :slight_smile:


Thanks for asking I was wondering the same thing as my tour switched over a couple weeks ago.