On me lonesome


After the tour I’ll be doing a bit of exploring on my own. Have a few places I want to check out (York, Edinburgh, Ireland etc).[br]I’ve brought a britrail flexi pass, but don’t have any dates set in What would you recommend accomodation wise? Rock on up and hope there is a decent place that happens to have a free room? Would it be safe to leave my luggage in the room, or do most places have luggage?


hey i was just wondering what tour your booked on and also what the Britrail covers you for and how much it was. I’m going to be on my own after my tour for a while as well, i was just wondering if a multi line rail pass would be the best option for me. Any reply would be great.[br][br]best of luck[br]kasey


look on hostelbookers.com[br]amazing deals, much cheaper than just turning up (like half price sometimes) and it compares all of the hostels in that area[br]all the places ive stayed at have lockers and a room behind the desk if need be[br][br]happy searching[br]:slight_smile:


Nat - you rock! The site is awesome - thanks heapsly :)[br]I’m on the Spirit of Europe Tour July 21 :)[br]From what I understand, The Britrail pass can be used on main train routes to major destinations.[br]You buy days and can travel as much as you want within a 24 hour period…