On average how many solo travellers?


Hi, I am thinking about doing a European tour this year, maybe the Europe uncovered, on my own. I was wondering on average how many solo travellers are there usually per tour? I’ve never been overseas by myself before.



Hi Jade,

Which tour are you looking at doing? I hav heard that its about half and half, try to get in touch with others before your tour to check :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply, thinking of doing Europe Uncovered, or something similar. But definitely a hotel one, not really into the whole camping thing lol.
half and half sounds good though.


I did discover europe by myself last year, first time overseas and It was great, there was 5 or 6 others travelling solo and we all got along well and stay in touch now via facebook.
but everyone goes off in large groups together on free days including couples.


I would recommend finding others doing ur trip that way its not that bad when u get over there.


Hi Jade,

I am thinking of doing the exact same tour by myself as well. I was looking at the 25 June date (from memory). Have you made up your mind as to whehter you might do it?


I am thinking about traveling solo to Euorpe.
add me on facebook if you want to chat more.
I am not to sure what i plan on going but i am looking at either June or August!


Thanks for all the responses. I’m really not sure when I want to go, maybe around July/August. I’m a teacher and was thinking of teaching in the UK after the trip, but we’ll see how it goes. I’m much more confident going solo now though. Can’t wait to finally book something!



I just arrived in London yesterday and completed my first full day of solo sightseeing today. I was a little apprehensive about the whole solo thing, but trust me, it’s liberating once you start getting out there and exploring! It’s only been one day, and if I wasn’t too exhausted, I would still be out there rather then getting ready for a nap!


PS- I’m a teacher too and seriously considering moving here is Aug/Sep this yr to work over here in London. Let me know what you decide on!


Hi Casey,
Sounds like you’re having a ball! I am seriously considering moving to the UK around the same time to teach. Here’s my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/people/Jade-Sharp/100000348022387
(hope that works) look me up and you can send me a message through that if you like?
Thanks for your help.


Hi, I just booked the Europe Unplugged for 8 September and I am going solo. Anyone else going?