Olympics 2012


Hey everyone!

Anyone planning on going to any of the olympics in london next year while they are over in europe??
And also will the olympics affect us in the availability of hostel accommodation? I definitely want to make sure I have a bed to sleep in!
I’m booked on the mega european tour departing 5th june 2012 so I get back a couple of days before the olympic games start.



I’m worried about the same thing! I leave on the Grand European 3rd July then back to London just for the start of the Olympics… I was hoping on staying around London for a bit after the tour finishes as I fly in the day before the tour leaves, but I’m a little concerned about accom?


Hey Clem!
Yea im concerned about the accommodation at that time as well.

Admin do you have any advice??



Hey Kimberly,

I’m sure London will be buzzing when the Olympics are on!

If you’re looking for accommodation for the start/end of your trip talk to your agent or one of the Topdeck Reservations team and they will be able to sort you out.


Topdeck Team


I looked into traveling at this time of year and while most backpackers I looked at had accommodation available, most of them had jacked the price right up… which i guess is no different to what a lot of them do when there is a major event on…

You should start looking and book now… most of the good hostels have online booking systems…