Olympic Link


Hey guys, as per the subject line, I’m just wondering if anyone is doing the Olympic Link from Aug 7 - 27? Im super psyched, and hopefully booking it this week. Im planning on flying into Frankfurt, hanging out there from the 1st - 7th, flying to Athens on the 7th, tour, then hanging out in London from the 27th until the 31st or 1st. [br][br]I chose it because it works perfectly with my time off from work, and it mostly goes to places I havent been yet. Ive done Italy and France and the usual stuff since I lived in Europe, but this tour seems to hit places off the beaten track. Im really looking forward to Mykonos and Croatia in particular, and Germany too, since Germany rocks!


hey i’m doing the same tour hopefully july 24th-Aug 13th! I picked it for basically the same reasons… anyone else???[br][br]Jaclyn[br]-Olympic Link[br]July 24 - Aug 13


Yeah, i’d doing this tour too but am still deciding whether to do the whole tour or the shorter option (The great eastern - athens to prague) from 21/08 to 06/09. It looks like an awesome tour and i am really looking forward to bosnia and herzegovnia as well as myckonos… only thing that would make this trip perfect was if it went to santorini too… [br][br]I haven’t been to germany before… do you guys reccomend doing the whole tript (ie. back to london?) and sorry, after all my rambling here is my actual question…[br][br]Does anyone know if u can do this trip and if u like it sso much stay on and do the rest of the trip? or can u even just stay on and maybe leave in berlin or something… this is assuming the tour is not booked out btw.[br][br]happy travels,[br]rik[br]


Hey!! You should clearly do the whole thing - Germany is my fave place, and its actually one of the reasons Im doing the trip. Im also hanging out in germany for a week before heading to Athens for the strat of the tour. Ive been to Berlin before, so I will probably find something else to do while we’re there, but I can’t wait to get back there! [br][br]And I somehow doubt that you can add on along the way - but then again, I have no idea. Maybe if you called or e-mailed them, you could get the answer. [br][br]I officially booked yesterday, so Im 100% a go! :smiley: