Hi everyone, [br][br]I was just wondering what those people that will be in Europe during Sept/October were doing for Oktoberfest? I am going on the European Getaway tour which ends a few days prior to opening ceremony (yes…planned it that way) and still debating how I am going to do it, whether it be with Topdeck, the Fanatics or perhaps even with people from my tour (although could be risky if nothing planned).[br][br]Is anyone else planning on going this year and if so how are you doing it?[br][br]Cheers[br]Collo


Hello[br][br]I did the topdeck Oktoberfest tour for 8 days in 2004 and had the best time!!! There were about 50 on the tour, so there are always lots of different people to hung out with and some I am still friends with. We had a brilliant time and it was the best way to do Oktoberfest. I had my 21st birthday there and everyone at the Hofbrauhaus beer hall sang happy birthday to me in both English and German. The amount of alcohol that you drink is incredible but you don’t get hungover because there are no preservatives in the beer. So I would suggest that you do the Topdeck tour!! Have fun!![br][br]Odette[br][br]Mega European June 22nd


Hey thanks for the info. Wow 50 people on the tour huh, that sounds awesome! The more people the better I reckon, especially considering im flying solo. Good news about the no hangover thing, I dont seem to be able to back it up as easily as I used to, haha! [br][br]Its been 4 years in the waiting…and im pumped!!