Oktoberfest - Steinmeister 2012 (HTBC6)


Hi Guys,

Anyone from the UK doing this trip?

Looking forward to it :smiley:



Hey Andy, I may be doing this trip but haven’t booked up yet.

From stoke here. Have you booked then?


Hey mate,

Yes I’ve paid the deposit, I just need to pay the rest now. I’m doing the 20th-25th September. Would you be travelling alone or with mates?
I’ve done a Europe trip with Topdeck before alone and I had the best time so doing the same for this trip.



Just paid my deposit! :slight_smile:
I’m going for closing week though…


I am going alone from 20-25 sept, might be meeting friends there but they are taking too long to book…cant wait!!! :smiley: