Oktoberfest Questions!


Hey just wondering if anyone has been to Oktoberfest before? Do you need to register for the beer halls and is there an admission fee?[br][br]Anyone else booked on the Steinmaster Camping trip leaving 24th September?[br][br]Sarah


Hey Sarah, [br][br]I replied to your previous post about Oktoberfest, but was also wondering the same thing. Have been checking things out on the net, but some site’s say you should book and others don’t. My friends that went last year didn’t book anything so I’m assuming we can just wing it :)[br][br]Not long to go now!!


You don’t need to register (although some people will pre-book) - the most important thing is that you are there early, possibly take the first shuttle as the Beer Halls fill up fast.[br][br]Have a great time![br][br]Anita[br]


You only have to register if you’re in large groups. You get there early, and line-up like everyone else. Admission is free. You can just ask for a spot at a table, if you see one going. There are a few tents that are standing room only, if you can’t get a table in another tent. A lot of tents won’t serve you unless you are seated. Expect to get very drunk!


Hey guys,

I just wanted to ask about the tents that we stay in, does anyone know if there is a power supply in or near the tents to charge phones or cameras? If not where can we do this?



Hi Amanda,

At the Campsite there are power points in the shower blocks you can use to charge items - though it’s usually a good idea to make sure things are fully charged before you arrive as there are lots of people at the campsite during Oktoberfest and you want to maximise your time in the tents having delicious steins!

Amelia Lawrence
Festivals, Events and Ski Manager
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Awesome thanks Amelia :slight_smile:


If you are doing a Tour with Oktoberfest booked in on one of those days is it all ready organised? I’m doing the European Pathway tour and wasn’t sure if we leave for Oktoberfest early as it’s one of the main reasons I booked this tour.

Thanks :slight_smile:


If you’re doing a European Pathways trip that is in Munich for Oktoberfest then you will probably leave Prague early in the morning, in order to get into Munich early to get to the beer halls. On week days the beer halls don’t start filling up until about 3pm - it’s weekends when everyone is keen as mustard to get in when they open!

Have a great time!

Amelia Lawrence
Festivals, Events and Ski Manager
Topdeck Travel


Thanks Amelia, I’ll have to have a look at that.
Either way, weekend or weekday I’m very excited.


I’m going to be there on the 23rd to 26th in the tents…where can i keep my back pack??


Hey Matt, there’s room in the tents for you, your tent buddy and your back packs, so long as you stick to our bag size dimensions (being that the maximum weight of your main bag must not exceed 44lbs/20kgs, and the size for all bags must not exceed 70cm x 45cm x 25cm).


Amelia Lawrence
Festivals, Events and Ski Manager
Topdeck Travel