Oktoberfest Question


The tour I am going on goes through Munich during Oktoberfest. Has anyone been on a tour that stops at Oktoberfest? I heard to get in the beer halls you generally have to reserve a spot. Does Topdeck do this. I am quering this cause I have heard that by the time the bus gets to Munich it is later in the day and too full to get in to the tents?[br]Any experiences with this would be greatly appreciated![br]Thanks[br][br]Bec :slight_smile:


Hi Bec,[br][br]Thanks for your query! The beer halls are always busy ? and as with any big festival you can expect it to be pretty crowded. It isn?t really possible for us to reserve tables, as the arrival time, number of people etc is too hard to judge. The only way of reserving a place is to go directly to the tent host ? and again we find that it?s better to make a decision of which tent you want to visit once you are there. Generally you can push your way onto a table with a bit of perseverance!!! All in all it adds to the experience. Don?t hesitate to contact us if you need more information. Cheers![br]