Oktoberfest Prostmeister 28th Sep - 2nd Oct 2017


Hello i’m wondering if anyone else is doing this trip? :slight_smile:


Hi Chloe , I just booked this trip as well!, great to see I am not the only one going! , I’m Andrew , 32 (will be 33 by time of trip) from the UK, solo travelling currently (although trying to get a friend to come along). is this your first time to Munich and/or Oktoberfest? , look forward to hearing from you! (and anyone else who reveals themselves )


Hi Andrew yeah first time and doing it solo!!! Are you going to be buying tickets to get into the tents at oktoberfest beforehand? :slight_smile:


awesome! should be a great trip :smile: , this will be my second time to Munich but first time to Oktoberfest, , truth be told I have not thought that far ahead about buying tickets for the tents beforehand, sounds like a good idea though, otherwise it seems you have to get there very early and even then it seems there is no guarantee you can get in, which tent/tents are you thinking of reserving a spot for?.


yeah i’m so excited but slightly nervous :worried: i have no idea but i found a website that you can purchase the tickets from but there’s only so many left in a few of the tents. What do you think?


I just been looking into this, according to various website i have read, best advice is only purchase tickets directly from the tents themselves and if you buy tickets on a ticket re-seller website it seems likely you may be being scammed and no reservation will be made, personally I think i will take my chances and get there early, also if we/you do end up booking tickets for a particular tent and lets say there are 10 (could be more) other people in our group who we do not meet until the tour starts and they cannot get in the same tent at the same time. it could be a shame as we are only there for a few days.

I remember last time i posted on a Top Deck forum i was only allowed to make 3 posts per thread, I do not know if that rule is still in play but in case it is feel free to add me on if facebook if you want to and have it :



yeah that’s a good idea. i just added you… i think hopefully it’s the right person :confused: haha