Oktoberfest Prostmeister 2015


Hey everyone!

Is anyone doing this tour - either the first, second or third week?

Super keen, but will be travelling alone!

Let me know!



Hey Steph

Im thinking of joining it but worried about being a solo traveller. i get the feel this is more like acom package and groups of friends travel together?

are you travelling solo or with some friends?



Also thinking the first week for opening week :slight_smile: 17-22 i think ?


I want so much… but my job…


Hi Everyone,

i see there are 6 different Oktoberfest trips on the festivals page. Which trip should we choose and what’s the difference? Please suggest so that i can book mine as well.

Anyone else coming for this trip? Its my first time, so definitely looking forward to it



Hi All,

My partner and I are doing the Prostmeister tour starting the 18th of September!

Bring on the steins and pork knuckle!

Who else is doing this tour?



Hi Steph/Emma

I will be doing this Tour in September leaving 23rd September.

I will be Travelling Alone so looking to meet new people! I hope you decide to come!



Hi Steph,

I will be on this Trip leaving 23rd September!

I will be travelling alone so looking to make new friends!

I hope you come along!

let me know