Oktoberfest Opening Weekend


Myself and two mates are booked onto the Steinmeister camping package for 17th-22nd September and I just have 1 quick question…just how crazy is the opening day/weekend of Oktoberfest? Does anyone have any experiences of it?[br][br]Don’t get me wrong, i’m all for a bit of crazyness, i’m just wondering how hard it’s going to be to get into tents/find tables etc.[br][br]Either way, seriously looking forward to it! 43 days and counting…


Hey![br]I’m booked on the 5 day Prosmiester from the 18-22nd (camping) and it’s going to be INSANE! My mates (I’m going with 3 friends) and i have been to the Oktoberfest website and actually reserved seats at a couple of our fav tents to make sure we get in, otherwise you are standing in line for (sometimes) 1-2hrs. I have never been but have talked at length to heaps of people that went last year and was told this was the best thing to do. [br]Bring on the beer and see you there![br]Christine[br][br]European Getaway 16 May 2009[br]Oktoberfest 18 Sept 2009


im on the 8 day one ( since i figured two days are effectively travelling) going on my lonesome unless i can convince my mates to part with some cash, from what i have heard it is crazy but good fun. i had a few mates go couple of years ago and they just loved the atmosphere and general good vibe and theres alot more to do then just drink if you need the break![br][br]i didnt think about booking seats tho chris - good idea!


Hi guys, thanks for the replies.[br][br]I did think of trying to book some seating a while ago, but everywhere I looked seemed to be fully booked. There’s not a big group of us though so hopefully we shouldn’t have too much trouble getting in somewhere.[br][br]And I don’t really mind the occasional queue, as long as there is a nice cold beer at the end of it!


Hey mate,[br][br]I am on the same camping tour…will go off![br][br]Have been wondering about the whole ticket thing too. Tried getting tkts some time back but could only get groups of 10 or more.[br][br]Chrissy how many tkts could you book?[br][br]Prague to Munich Explorer Sep 8-17[br]Oktoberfest camping Sep 17-21[br]Generator Hostel London Sep 6 and 7


yeh i dont think you can get them anymore, shouldnt matter tho - what theres going to be at least 30 of us each topdeck trip, and im sure most will form own small groups and figure out something when there.[br] [br]the tents are pretty huge and as long as you get there early you should get seats.


G’Day all,

I’m also booked on the Steinmeister departing 16th September. I’m sure being part of a pre-arranged tour we should have no probs finding a tent.

Can’t wait. Bring on the beers xx( !!!


Apparently if there is only a couple of you , its sweet you dont have to book. Well that is what a friend of mine who went last year in a group of 4 said.

My partner and I will be there for 2 nights from the 19th Sept

Looking forward to it !