Oktoberfest Opening w/e Prosmeister/Steinmeister


Hello! I haven’t booked yet but am super keen to go and I know it’s only like 2 weeks away now so am now getting a touch angsty about it! I only haven’t booked because my friend I was going to go with bailed and then I found a back up friend who also proceeded to bail! haha. Normally I wouldn’t be worried about going solo (I went on the Mega European solo and that was brilliant) but I feel like this is the type of tour people normally go on with mates so I don’t wanna be that sad sack, hammered alone in my vomit stained dirndl haha. So really the point of this lengthy plea is, is anyone who is living in London booked on one of these tours and would like to meet up before hand?!
Many thanks
Sarah ;D


Hi Sarah,
I’m booked in to go solo on the promeister as my friend also bailed. I don’t live in London but have been here for a few days until i leave for a different tour prior to this one. Oktoberfest will be too much fun not to go.


Hey guys,

Lots of our Oktoberfest passengers travel alone, so I wouldn’t worry too much as there will be people on the bus in the same position as you. We do have an overnight bus ride to Munich to make sure you get to meet others on the coach before you arrive!

Have a great time,

Amelia Lawrence
Festivals and Events Manager
Topdeck Travel