Oktoberfest Hostel Braumeister 18th Sep!


Hi everyone!!!
Looking to see who will be doing Oktoberfest from the 18th! My sister and I will be looking for plenty of friends, would be awesome to even reserve a table in one of the beer tents for a group too!
Looking forward to the good times ahead :smiley:


Hi Alison,

Myself and my boyfriend are doing Oktoberfest Braumeister from the 18th Sept! Starting to get really excited! Cant wait!!


I’m on this tour as well, from Sydney but live in London atm, can’t wait for the first beer, have done a beer hall dinner in Germany which was awesome, but this will be a thousand time that


Hey guys,

I’m on this tour as well, arriving from Rome and going to Istanbul after. You’ll recognize me in my lederhosen and my lion hat! Can’t wait to meet you all.



Hi all, does anyone know how many people there will be in our group? I think it would be good if we could have a table reserved, what do you guys think or does anyone know how this works? It says to go early on weekends but I feel like everyone will go early and try to reserve a table so it would be good to get in even earlier!


Not sure, but I think reservations for tents get booked out months and months in advance :confused: You don’t need one though, just makes it a bit harder.

Anyway, I’m coming from Melbourne, leaving tomorrow and will be arriving into Munich from Hungary.

Look forward to meeting you all!

Side note: I’m planning on going to a Bundesliga 2 game on the Saturday at Allianz Arena if that interests anyone. Tickets are like 20-30 euro.


Hi everyone I’m doing these dates too! Does anyone know where to get a reasonably priced dirndl/oktoberfest dress from in Munich?!



Hey guys, Me and my friend are also doing these dates as well. We will be coming from Amsterdam, we’re both from Perth, W.A

Can’t wait to get trashed aussie style! :wink: