Oktoberfest Grossmeister 28th Sept-4th Oct


Hey guys!!

Just booked Oktoberfest Grossmeister for the 28th September to 4th October and was wondering if anybody else would be joining me!?
This’ll be my second Topdeck tour, but first time to Oktoberfest and I cannot wait!!!
My liver is going to be receiving some serious abuse on our week away!!
Always wanted to go to Prague so super keen for that as well!!

Only a month to go!

Bring on the steins and pork knuckle!



Hi Maddie,

Are you travelling alone or with others? I’m not going on the exact same tour but will be arriving on the same date (i’m booked on the Prostmeister trip) 28th Sep - 2nd Oct!

This will be my first ever Topdeck experience (believe it or not!!!) and I’m really excited for it! ;D

Btw, if anyone reading this has booked Prostmeister on the same dates let me know!



Hi Jamie!

Dude, just travelling by myself! Like I always do haha my friend was thinking about coming but piked due to lack of funds.
Do you work for Topdeck?

And cools, I assume your tour would leave from the same place as mine? Walkabout Shepard’s Bush?


hi maddie,

im going by myself to that same tour, lookign forward tot it!! looks like its goin to be a good week. did a top deck last year around europe and the people were amazing. hopefully ill see you there!



See you guys there :slight_smile: (Not doing the tour but will be around). YAY!


Oh that’s a shame you’re buddy couldn’t make it Maddie… Yeah I’m leaving from sheps bush walkabout too!
Think we need to be there for around 12 noon but I was thinking of going a little earlier to hopefully get talking to some fellow topdeckers ;D

Unless no one turns up early and I’m on my Larry. Loll

Yea i work for Topdeck’s web team :slight_smile:

Really getting excited now! Only a matter of days to go!!!