Oktoberfest Braumeister 2015

Hey Peeps im Aaron from maitland. Im doing the Oktoberfest Braumeister from the 21st-24th Sep keen as hell for this 🍻😜. Anyone else doing this tour?

Hey Aaron, I’m Jade from Wodonga & yep, I’m doing this one! There’s a group of us booked, about 6 or 7 of us, guys & girls heading over. So excited!

Hey, I’m Ally, I’m booked for these dates as well, travelling by myself :slight_smile:

Hey , im’ John, i’m bookied this tours , its good tours

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Hey all! I’m Meaghan from Melbourne. I’m travelling by myself, going to Amsterdam afterwards (y)

Hey I’m Caitlin from Christchurch, am also on these dates and travelling solo :smile: