Oktoberfest 2012


This is probably more for TopDeck admin… Was wondering when the dates of Oktoberfest for next year will be released? I want to book my Europa tour, but also want to look into Oktoberfest tour at the end. Would be helpful if it was sooner rather than later? Ha ha. :slight_smile:


Hey Cass,

Shouldn’t be too long now!

If you’re looking at doing a trip too, several of our Europe 2012 trips will be in Munich during Oktoberfest such as Europe Express


All trips that go to Oktoberfest are marked with an ‘O’ next to the departure date.

Grab a copy of the brochure (if you haven’t already) here

Topdeck Team B-)


Hmmmm, okay. I was looking at a longer European trip and longer stay for Oktoberfest. No doubt I’ll find the right mix for me ;D


You don’t have rough idea’s for prices or anything for Oktoberfest do you Admin?


Hey guys,

We’re currently finalising our Oktoberfest 2012 programme (so excited!) and will be able to put everything on sale in the next month or so. However, as a rough idea Oktoberfest 2012 runs from September 22 to October 7, so our trips will be running for all three weekends of this awesome festival!


Amelia Lawrence
Festivals and Events Manager


Hi, this might be a dumb questions but why are the dates for Oktoberfest tours start on the 12th of september when the festival starts on the 22nd? Looking at finalizing and booking all my trips and want to make sure first.