Oktoberfest 2012 Questions


Hi all, First timer here thinking of going to oktoberfest.

Few questions for anyone who can answer. Do the majority of people wear lederhosen or is it ok just to wear my normal clothes?

Also, is sleeping bag size apart of our bag luggage or is this completely separate language allowance?


Hi there,
Majority of the people do dress the part but they also wear other costumes as well…There are some people that just wear normal clothes but where’s the fun in that :slight_smile:
As for the sleeping bag, I went with contiki last wear and it wasn’t included in the allowance but I’m not 100% sure with Topdeck, I’d assume it’s the same but could be wrong, might be in the FAQ’s?


Hey Hannah,

Any idea where it would be cheapest to buy a lederhosen? Otherwise i might have to dress up as Thor or something.




Sorry, only just saw this!!!

I just got a cheap outfit from ebay last year, gets covered in beer and sweat anyway! I know some of the guys picked up more traditional outfits in Munich but be prepared to pay for them!