Oktoberfest 2008 Camping


Hey all,[br][br]Has anyone ever done the Oktoberfest 2008 camping (accomodation only option)?[br]Just wondering what the experience was like and how it worked out for you. If you added the extra nights on, do you still sleep in the Topdeck tents and get the breakfast? Any options for add-on day trips? Any feedback from anyone who has done Oktoberfest with TopDeck would be great! I’m looking into booking soon.[br][br]-Ashley


Hey Ashley :slight_smile: im actually looking at doing the Oktoberfest Steinmeister tour this year which i think is 6 days starting and ending in London, and camping close by to the festival. Booking this tour tomorrow :slight_smile: Oktoberfest is gonna rock!![br][br]Havnt been before, but thought this tour sounded like the go as I will be just getting back from another Topdeck tour and staying at Globetrotter so its the easy option. [br][br]Have heard that the bus trip is very long but thought that it might be part of the fun and would prefer this to the “make your own way” option as I’m flying solo and be good to get into it straight away with the group…[br][br]Anyway its gonna be a blast, I have been hanging out for 4 years and finally gonna get over there…cant wait!!