Odyssey tour 8th September


From Australia and going with a mate going to be awesome!
Anyone else going


Hey, Anthony
I’m booked on this tour too and traveling solo. Time is flying now, can’t wait ;D


Cool I’m stoked first time I’m going to be in Europe can’t wait!


Hey guys booked this trip today and pumped! Traveling solo from Aus… Just read a few other forums and noticed people are pre booking tours etc is anyone else doing that?? B-) B-)


I havnt pre booked anything as of yet!


Kool… im generally a “wing it” person and started thinking i was really unorganised when i started reading that people where booking stuff… pheww


Solo traveler and will be coming into this tour in Prague. Nervous and excited!

I haven’t pre booked anything either, should I?


9 days left!


Hey guys. Im Mark from West Australia. Living in London since January, just booked today. Bit late i know! Email thru your details if u’d like to get in touch before the trip. mark-williams@live.com.au

See u all next week!


Hey everyone, I will be joining the trip in Prague. Really looking forward to this tour. This is my first trip with Top Deck, I have toured with Contiki in the past and had a great time.