Odyssey of Europe (aka European Odyssey-16 May 09)


Hey fellow top deckers/passer by forum enthusiasts! [br][br]Never actually been on a forum before but just a shout out to anyone going on the European Odyssey trip on the 16 May. Just thought I’d get to know some names of fellow travellers before the big trip kicks off. First time overseas but VERY(note caps lock) stoked about it …[br][br]Feel free to reply to say hi or do whatever you do on a forum…or not. Either way- Cheers, Dave[br]


Hi Dave,[br][br]How much did this tour cost you, if you don’t mind me asking. The price isn’t on the website, just curious mate.[br][br]I’m going on the Spirit of Europe Tour on my own that departs on the 12th May, I’m going on my and pretty excited about it. Pitty we weren’t doing the same tour.[br][br]Cheers[br][br]Craig - Sydney Australia


$3100 buddy. Got earlybird discount and also a $100 discount as part of the travel expo thing I went to. [br][br]Hope your trip is almost as awesome as mine! :)[br][br]Dave